The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Week 11

Spectacular overhead goals; sporting Turkish fans; Tottenham continue to struggle and Beckham-mania in Milan all feature in this week’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Click on the links below to discover more about this week’s stories.

The Good

Fans at the Liverpool vs Wigan game were treated to a feast of exciting football with another late come-from-behind victory for the Reds. However they also saw two great bicycle kick goals by Amir Zaki of Wigan and Dirk Kuyt of Liverpool. Zaki’s goal was a much cleaner strike from further out, and therefore the more spectacular, but Kuyt’s won the game for Liverpool: that’s two winners in two games for the flying Dutchman!

While many people are complaining that football is not like it used to be any more and money is spoiling the game, fair play to Fernabahce fans who reportedly applauded Arsenal off the field after the Londoners put in a stunning display to humble their own team 5-2 in the Champions League. Instead of booing a player a team playing badly, wouldn’t it be great if fans applauded the opposition!

The Bad

Joey Barton is out of jail and raring to go in this weekend’s north-east derby between Sunderland and Newcastle. Newcastle are desperate for a result and Barton is short of match practice but he may play some part in the game. He has said himself that he may be a bit sluggish, so expect some late tackles from Joey!

It’s going from bad to worse for my team Tottenham as they lose their sixth league game of the season to stay rooted to the bottom of the Premier League after a dismal loss against a poor Stoke City team. To make matters worse, two defenders were sent off, another one, Verdan Corluka was stretchered off and Tottenham manager Ramos is under real pressure. This is now officially the worst start to the Premier League in Spurs’ history but more ominously only one team has ever survived relegation after such a bad start to the season. To top it all off star forward David Bentley has been dropped following negative comments about the team before their UEFA Cup match against Italian side Udinese, which of course they duly lost 0-2 and had a man sent off. Troubling times for my team indeed.

The Mad

David Beckham is on his way to AC Milan on loan! You couldn’t make it up, but the Italian giants obviously feel that David’s 80,000 dollar weekly wage for sixth months is worth it. The England start may move to Milan in January as the MLS finishes this weekend. His team, LA Galaxy are second from bottom and it’s hard to see this as anything more than a money making move by the Rossoneri. Absolutely bonkers!

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