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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Euro 2012 Glory, Hiddink Out and Suarez in Trouble

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In this week’s review section, we congratulate The Czech Republic, The Republic of Ireland, Portugal and Croatia on Euro 2012 qualification, while Guus leaves Turkey and Suarez makes the back pages for the wrong reason. You can listen to these and other stories on our weekly podcast and can find explanations of key vocabulary in bold below, or highlighted in blue.


It may have been a good weekend for Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, more on him later, as he scored all four goals in his side’s comprehensive 4-0 thrashing of Chile in the South American World Cup 2014 qualifying campaign but for this week’s good we congratulate the four European sides that made it through the play-offs to qualify for next summer’s European Championships that will take place in Poland and Ukraine. The Czech Republic comfortably saw off Montenegro, while there were also easy wins for Croatia who beat Turkey, Portugal who scored six against Bosnia, while the Republic of Ireland qualified for the Euros for only the second time, the first since 1988, by defeating Estonia 5-1 on aggregate.


After Turkey’s failure to qualify for the European Championships after their home defeat to Croatia, their Dutch coach Guus Hiddink has left his post as manager. Hiddink, now 65, leaves with his managerial record dented: he also failed to take Russia, his last coaching job at a national side, to the 2010 World Cup. Turkey were beaten 3-0 on aggregate, and Guus is now left hoping that a club side may hire him. But with his last full-time managerial role at a club, Real Betis, over ten years ago, that may be a gamble.


A potentially ugly story is now officially an ugly story as Liverpool and Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez, is charged with racism by the English FA. This story had been rumbling in the background for weeks but has now hit the back pages in England. Liverpool are still backing their player and say he will be pleading innocent of racially abusing Patrice Evra of Manchester United. But it’s hard to see a happy ending for this one and not only could Liverpool’s season be knocked off track if their playmaker gets a lengthy ban, but the player’s reputation would be tarnished. A Pretty ugly story indeed.


comprehensive: Complete

thrashing: Heavy defeat

saw off: To defeat

on aggregate: In total; the total score

post: job, position of employment

dented:damaged, tarnished (see below)

hit the back pages: become big sports news (sport news is traditionally placed at the back of newspapers in the UK)

knock off track: disrupt, impact or affect negatively

playmaker: a player who makes a team tick; a player who creates chances and links play

tarnished: damaged, sullied

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