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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Copa America 2015 Review

In this football review we congratulate Chile, sympathise with Argentina and are surprised at the behaviour of Gonzalo Jara. To help with understanding you can find explanations of key vocabulary in bold below.
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This week’s football review – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Copa America 2015 Review


Congratulations to Chile on winning their first ever Copa America title after defeating favourites Argentina on penalties. The game finished scoreless after 90 minutes while extra-time also failed to produce a goal meaning that the game went to penalties. Higuain and Banega both missed for Argentina which allowed Chilean star striker Alexis Sanchez to be the hero as he dinked the ball over the Argentinian keeper in ‘Panenka style‘ to give hosts Chile the win.


The defeat for Argentina in Chile means that they have lost two major finals in twelve months following their extra-time loss against Germany in last year’s World Cup final. It also means that the albiceleste team has not won a trophy since 1993 which is remarkable considering that this very talented squad includes some of the best players in world football.


Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara was suspended for the final after CONMEBOL banned him for two games after his off-the-ball incident with Uruguayan striker Cavani in their quarter-final game. The Chilean defender provoked the Uruguayan player by poking his finger into the striker’s backside – not very nice indeed.


on penalties: The match finished a draw and the teams have to decide the winner by taking penalties – to win on penalties.

finished scoreless: It was 0-0 at the end of the game

dinked the ball over: This shot is like a chip (a very delicate chip shot)

Panenka style: This is when a player chips the ball over the diving keeper from a penalty. It was named after the Czechoslovakian player Panenka who did this in the 1976 European Championship final penalty shoot-out.

albiceleste: The nickname of the Argentinian football side. It refers to the light blue and white stripes of the shirt.

squad: The group of players used for a tournament – usually 23.

CONMEBOL: The South American football organisation

off-the-ball incident: When something happens between players that the referee cannot see

backside: A polite word for bum or bottom

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