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Last week we looked at South Africa, this week we visit South America and the continent’s biggest club competition the Copa Libertadores. As you read the post, look at the names of countries and the nationality adjectives. Then try the quiz to check your knowledge.

The semi-final places were decided this week, and it’s an all Brazilian semi final on one side with Gremio taking on Cruzeiro. the other semi sees Argentina‘s Estudiantes take on Nacional from Uruguay. It’s the first time for twenty years since a Uruguayan team has been in the semi-finals of the Copa, but it will be difficult for them to beat the Argentinian team Estudiantes, who haven’t conceded a goal since the knockout stage began. As for the teams from Brazil, Gremio qualified for the knockout rounds as top seeds and will be quietly confident of beating Cruzeiro, who are struggling in the domestic league, and perhaps lifting the trophy for the third time in their history.

My money is on Estudiantes vs Gremio in the final.

Focus on language

In this post there are several country names and nationality adjectives (nationality adjectives are often the same as nationality nouns – used with people from the country).

Country names:
Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil

Nationality adjectives:
Argentinian team, Uruguayan team, Brazilian semi-final

Do you know the country names and nationality adjectives for the other countries in South America?

Download the Nationality Adjectives Worksheet pdf.

Try the ONLINE QUIZ with audio


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