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The new season has nearly started and has asked some fans what they think about their teams chances in the next year of football. We kick off this series of posts with Dave, a Manchester City supporter reflecting on the new money at his club and the possibility of breaking into the top four in the Premier League.


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Damon: Hello Dave.

Dave: How you doing?

Damon: I’m alright. Dave’s a Manchester City supporter, is that right?

Dave: That’s correct.

Damon: OK. Just a few questions. Obviously, Manchester City have been buying a few players in summer. Who are you particularly excited about?

Dave: I think the manager Mark Hughes has bought all good players actually, so I expect Adabayor to score quite a few goals. I think that’s a definite possibility. The midfield, Barry was a very very good buy I think – sorry for Liverpool and everything. Besides that they, the point is they haven’t finished yet. They’ve just got Toure, apparently, from Arsenal, and if they can Lescott they could be a pretty good team I think all round.

Damon: OK, so you think they’ll be a pretty good team. What kind of realistic goals do you think they should set themselves. What would you be happy with?

Dave: Well they’ve already said top five. You have to be conservative with these estimates otherwise it’s ridiculous to say we’ll win anything this time. But the thing is they will over the next two seasons possibly get into the top four if not this year I think. I think Arsenal are kind of reeling a little bit at the moment, and I think United, Liverpool, and Chelsea also have to watch out.

Damon: OK. And which players should we look out for?

Dave: Again, I think possibly this year, Robinho might come good because he wasn’t really challenged enough last year as everybody saw. In the home games he was great and in the away games he disappeared. I think now the fact that he’ll have to fight for his place against Tevez in particular and maybe even Bellamy means that he may well have to prove himself, which I think he could well do.

Damon: And how do feel with your club being awash with money?

Dave: I think it’s excellent. The thing is, you know, everybody’s criticising City at the moment. The thing is teams like United, Liverpool, and Chelsea have had the same amounts of cash more or less but they’ve had it over a longer number of years. Whereas City have had it all at once and so of course they’re set up as some kind of target, right. The point is all the big teams pay a lot of money for the players. City are doing it all at once, and they’ve got good players.

Damon: Thank you very much Dave.

Dave: Come on City!


I was born and brought up near Chester in the north west of England. I have always loved playing and talking about sport, especially football!
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