Taking the Michael!

So, it’s done! Liverpool legend and scorer of 118 goals for the club, Michael Owen, has signed for Manchester United. Is it really true? Can it be true? Many Liverpool fans will be left stunned at the thought of their hero on his way to their biggest rivals.

As Schopenhauer said, truth passes through three stages – first it is laughed at, then it faces violent opposition, and then it is accepted as obvious.


Well, this ‘truth’ follows that pattern. As the first hints of the news spread across the internet, most people thought it was a joke, after all Owen’s biggest fan seemed to be Hull City’s Phil Brown – and Hull City are no Manchester United. The idea seemed laughable.


Then, the news was confirmed and the forums began to fill with angry comments – from Liverpool fans: ‘He can rot in the “Stretford End” for all I care!’, ‘My boyhood idol, F****n gutted he went there. I’ll never enjoy watchin him play again.’ et cetera. But deep down everyone knows that Michael Owen is a very calculating player, who looks out for himself. On leaving Real Madrid he commented that he owed Liverpool nothing and he certainly will not be expecting a warm welcome if he returns to Anfield in the Manchester United shirt.


And finally, although it’s a bit early to say definitely, it seems as though most pundits recognise that this transfer deal is a great idea for both the player and the club. Owen is on a free transfer, so there are only reduced wages to pay. Owen has a great strike rate when he’s fit and can be used sparingly from the bench or in cup competitions, and finally Fergie gets to stick two fingers up to Liverpool FC.


I’ve just seen Owen in the new Man U kit and it made me shudder!


To take the Michael: This is a version of to take the Mickey, whcih means to tease, to make fun of, to say a cruel joke.

Stunned: Very surprised, uable to move or think

Laughable: unbelievable, crazy

Gutted: very, very disappointed, feeling sick because something bad has happened

Pundit: reporter, journalist, commentator

Stick two fingers up at: flip the bird, show the finger, make an obscene (rude) gesture


I was born and brought up near Chester in the north west of England. I have always loved playing and talking about sport, especially football!
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