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Football Cliche: Telegraph a pass

To telegraph the pass: In this football language post we explain the football cliche 'to telegraph a pass' which is used when describing a...

have a player on toast

Football Cliche: On Toast

We explain the phrase 'To have a player on toast' which is used to describe when one player is dominating another player.

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Football Language: Good feet

What does the football phrase 'good feet' mean? In this post we explain the phrase 'good feet' which is used to describe...

Football Cliches Quiz

Football Cliche Quiz

How well do you know the language of football cliches? Take our football cliche quiz to find out.

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Football Glossary: Qualify

Qualify: To progress to the next round. In order to play in important tournaments or rounds teams have to play and win a set of preliminary...

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Football Glossary: On target

To be on target: We use this expression to describe when a forward shoots and the keeper has to make a save or a goal is scored.

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Football Glossary: Offside

Offside: When an attacking team's player is beyond the last defender, the game is stopped and there is a free kick for the defensive side

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Football Glossary: Playmaker

Playmaker: A player on a team that controls the tempo of the side and is usually regarded as the one to break down opposing defences

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Football Glossary: Promotion Race

Promotion race: Towards the end of the season when a group of teams still have a possibility of moving up a division (to be / get promoted)

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Football Glossary: Slump

Slump: A bad run of form, a time of bad luck or bad results. It can also be used as a verb - to slump.

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Football Glossary: Send off

(to) Send someone off: The referee has to send off a player for bad conduct on the pitch. When a player receives a red card he has to leave...

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Football Glossary: Qualifiers

Qualifier: Games played to decide which teams progress to the main tournament or knock-out stages of a competition. A game to qualify for...

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Football Glossary: Seal a deal

(to) Seal a deal: To complete a deal or transaction. In football we use it when talking about player transfers; the movement of players...