2007-08 Podcast 6 – Vocabulary

Here are some of this week’s football words and phrases from languagecaster’s week six podcast

Here are some of this week’s football words and phrases from languagecaster’s week six podcast.

  • caught up with – meet or find (usually after a long search)

I caught up with Brendan after the game and asked him what he thought.

  • be found out – have a weakness discovered

I think Steve Staunton has been found out to be what he is: a naive and inexperienced coach.

  • rinky-dink – amateur, not skilled, stupid

He’s been described locally in the Irish media as a rinky dink coach.

  • to nod – to head the ball (in football), to move your head in a ‘yes’ gesture

and Heskey nodding down the ball for Michael Owen.

  • to struggle (to do) – to find it difficult (to do something), to find life hard

It’s important to remember some of the smaller teams struggling in the lower divisions like Leeds.

  • to dock – to deduct, to reduce an amount (money or points)

Leeds were docked 15 points at the beginning of the season.

  • to get a look in – to get a chance (to be selected for a team)

I don’t think Lampard, Hargreaves and Neville will get a look in (won’t be selected).

  • to hold (your) nerve – to be mentally strong, to not change your mind under pressure

Let’s see if McClaren can hold is nerve.

  • a brawl – a fight, often nasty

There was a brawl at the end of the Venezuala v Panama game.

  • be bussed in – to be taken to a place in large numbers, usually be the authorities

…even if it has been said that many of the fans have been bussed in by the Chinese authorities.

  • to spare blushes – to save from embarassment, to have a lucky escape

USA striker O’Reilly spared Team USA any major blushes.

  • delirium – extreme happiness

Song Xiaoli sent the stadium into delirium and has put China in a great position to progress to the quarter-final stages.


I was born and brought up near Chester in the north west of England. I have always loved playing and talking about sport, especially football!
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