Podcast 39: Bundesliga run-in

There are only four games left in the Bundesliga and still five teams can win the title. This week’s podcast focuses on the final run-in to an action-packed season in Germany and looks at the battles at the top and the bottom of the league.

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Hans: Yes, another very interesting season in the Bundesliga is coming to a close. And at the top of the table, no less than five teams are still in the running for the title.

Right at the top is Wolfsburg. Most people haven’t heard of Wolfsburg but they’ve been in the press this week, very strangely because their coach Felix Magath, former international player, has decided to quit the club. That’s right. Quit the club four days before the end of the season whilst they’re at the top – three points clear of second which happens to be the mighty Bayern Munich.

Apart from Bayern fans, I would imagine nobody in Germany wants them to win. So behind them are Berlin, Stuttgart and Hamburg and either of these three can still sneak up, they are currently playing very well with tough games to go for all teams. So, who is going to win the Bundesliga, Nicholas?
N: I think Berlin is going to win.
H: Berlin? What a good choice! Well, I hope Wolfsburg win but I would love Berlin to win as well.

Now we are going to look at the bottom of the table and there the same number five, five teams are still in line for the drop. Please remember in the Bundesliga a new system kicked in this year. The bottom two drop automatically but third last goes into a play-off with the third best team from the 2nd Bundesliga. As usual, it’s the same old teams down there: Karlsruhe and Borussia Moenchengladbach occupying the bottom two spots but just above them, Bielefeld, Cottbus and Bochum are also in danger of the drop. So, Nicholas, who do you think will get relegated this season?
N: I think Cottbus will go down.
H: Cottbus? Yes, and they’ve been down before. Thank you Nicholas.

As already mentioned, managers are moving at a strange time in the season. Magath’s move to Schalke has taken everyone by surprise but Klinnsmann’s move away from Bayern Munich hasn’t surprised too many people. in Stuttgart, Markus Babbel has just signed a long-term contract, he’s a new young manager and some listeners might remember him from his playing day.

So, to wrap up the Bundesliga according to my son N, the team to win will be Hertha Berlin, going down will be Karlsruhe, Borussia Moenchengladbach and joined by Energie Cottbus. And now Nicholas, which is the best team in Germany?
N: Freiburg.
H: Freiburg. It happens to be my home team – a quick plug – and they are sitting top of the 2nd Bundesliga. See you next season with the big boys. Auf wiedersehen, aus der Bundesliga…

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