Podcast 37: Premier League Title Race

There are only five games to play in the Premier League and no doubt there will be more twists and turns at this exciting stage of the season and so on this week’s show we take a look at the Premier League title race.

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With only five games remaining in the English Premier League, tension is high as three clubs are still in with a shout of winning the title. On this week’s main report we hear the opinions of a Manchester United fan on the final run in that will decide which team will become the 2009 English champions.

Damian: So Brendan, it’s been an important week in the Premier League for the clubs at the
top of the top of the table, hasn’t it?
Brendan: That’s right Damian all of the ‘big four’ in the Premier League were in action.
Chelsea drew with Everton, Manchester United beat Portsmouth but I suppose the standout
game was the game between Liverpool and Arsenal, which ended 4-4. Liverpool really
needed to win that game because going in to the series of matches they were one point
behind Man United and played a game more so it effectively means, with the United result,
that they now lead by three points over their nearest rivals and have a game in hand.
Damian: Yes, you’ve mentioned some of the impact that these results will have on the final
destination of the title, for example do you think Chelsea are out of the running?
Brendan: Well, Guus Hiddink the manager of Chelsea, the newly appointed manager who
also, of course, manages the Russian national team, he has conceded the title. He thinks
now that they trail Manchester United by six points and have played a game more … that
that is too much of a mountain to climb. So, he says they will focus on the Champions
League and the FA Cup.
Damian: OK, how about Liverpool, what do you think about their chances?
Brendan: Liverpool are still in the title race. Alex Ferguson himself said that although
Manchester United are now in a better position than they were on Monday he has been in
the game for too long to, at this stage, say that the title has definitely going to Old Trafford.
They are … there are gonna’ be lots of games to come, there are still five games to go and
anything can happen, one defeat for Man United and a victory for Liverpool and the title race
will be blown wide open yet again.
Damian: So Brendan, who will be holding the Premier League trophy at the end of May?
Brendan: Well, as a Man United, obviously, fan I am hoping that we can win the title at the
end of May. It’s all about consistency at this stage of the season and trying to eke out results
and because we have the experience of players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who’ve
won the title many times, and also a manager who’s won the title many times I’m hopeful
that that experience will get us over the finishing line, although it will be close.


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