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Less than two weeks before the Premier League kicks off and this week a Liverpool fan looks ahead to what might happen for his team.  Does he think that Liverpool can go one better than last season and win the Premier League and is he impressed with Liverpool’s business in the transfer market?


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Damon: OK, I’m here with Tim, a Liverpool fan. Hello Tim

Tim: Hi there.

Damon: OK, I’d like to ask a few questions about the upcoming season.

Tim: Sure

D: My first question is which players do you think are going to be key for Liverpool in the 2009/10 season?

T: Well of course Torres needs to be in form and fit for the whole season. He’s definitely a key player for us. And in the midfield, if we manage to keep hold of Alonso and Gerrard – have them both firing on all cylinders. I think they will be the key to our success.

D: Have there been any good signings or good transfer moves for Liverpool so far in the summer?

T: Well the major signing we’ve had of course is Johnson. And I think that’s quite a good move, a tad pricey, but it’s a long term move. I think in a few years time we’re going to need more and more English players. Perhaps there’s going to be a rule change about how many home national players you have for your side, so long term I think that’s a good signing. Otherwise it’s been very quiet. I think It’s still early days but I think if we can keep hold of our midfield defensive pair of Mascherano and Alonso those will be the best signings we have for the summer.

D: OK. What are the goals, what are Liverpool aiming for? What would you be happy for them to achieve?

T: Well of course it’s the Premier league (title). If we win it, if we win it on goal difference I’d be happy. So Premier League. I think this is the season we’ve really got to… because the other competitors are going through a bit of transition and we should have the most stable team, so we should start ofvf best and we should carry it on through for the whole season.

D: What would be the biggest challenge for Liverpool in the season?

T: I think, I have a feeling we’re going to have a good start to the season and I think it will be maintaining that momentum throughout the nine months until May next year.

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