Newspaper Headlines: England Rocked by Armband Farce

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England rocked by armband farce

Newspaper Headlines: England rocked by armband farce

In this headline from the Mail newspaper, we look at the controversy around the ‘One Love’ rainbow armband that captain Harry Kane is planning to wear in England’s opening game at the 2022 World Cup. The England team, along with Wales, Germany, the Dutch and other sides wanted to show support for the LGBQT community by having their captains wear the rainbow-coloured armband. However, FIFA do not want them to do this and have issued a warning that any captain wearing one will receive a yellow card, which appears to go against the ideals of ‘inclusivity’ that appeared in yesterday’s opening ceremony.

The headline uses the verb ‘to rock‘ which here means that England are very surprised indeed; they were shocked at the decision. The word ‘farce‘ is used here by the newspaper to show that FIFA (not mentioned but clearly referred to) has made an unfair decision and that the whole issue has been badly organised. There are talks going on right up to kick off and it appears that the English FA will back down, this means they will not ask Kane to wear one which would be a poor decision indeed.

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