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World Cup qualifiers are taking place around the world as countries try to find to get their ticket to South Africa. On his week’s show, along with a review of the football news and predictions, our main report is the second in our series on World Cup stars. This week it’s Maradona, the mercurial Argentinian captain, who is also in action as a coach of his country this week. Come along to for all things football!



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    Featured match

  • Argentina host huge rivals Brazil in a crucial qualifier for the Argentinians.. Damon reckons it will be a tight 1-1 draw, but full of passion and tension, and Damian has gone for a 1-0 Argentinian victory inspired by Messi.  Check out our other predictions here.
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    This week’s English for football is ‘nip and tuck‘. The phrase means a game, or a race, or a competition is too close to call, it is difficult to decide who will win. It is very similar to neck and neck from horse racing. While most of the leagues in Europe have just started and it is too early to talk about winners, the world cup qualifying groups in Europe are nearly finished. Every country wants to get through to the finals and the results in many groups are ‘nip and tuck‘. For example, it is ‘nip and tuck’ in group 3 where Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Slovenia and Poland can all qualify. It’s ‘nip and tuck‘.

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    This week’s QUIZ QUESTION:

    Maradona scored many great goals and made many more. However, his second goal against England in one of the 1986 World Cup quarter finals is perhaps his most famous. I it he beat a number of English players on his way to score. Who was the last defender (not goalkeeper) he beat?

    a) Terry Fenwick

    b) Terry Butcher

    c) Steve Hodge

    d) Peter Beardsley

    Answer next week.

    The answer to last week’s question, when was the last time neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona won la Liga was c) 2004, when Valencia were Champions.


    This week’s POLL

    This week’s poll asks which team do you think will win La Liga. Come along to the site in order to vote.


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