Vélez Sarsfield pipped Huracán to the Clausura championship in Argentina, Benzama and Ronaldo are officially unveiled at Real Madrid, Kashima, despite drawing with Kawasaki in Japan’s J-League, have opened up a healthy gap at the top of the league. But perhaps the biggest news was the shock signing of former Liverpool star, Michael Owen, for Manchester United. Meanwhile, there is also the small matter of the Copa Libertadores – going into the second leg in Brazil, Cruzeiro and Estudiantes are drawing 0-0.


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Last week’s finale in Argentina between Huracán and Vélez Sarsfield ended with a 1-0 victory to Vélez. And that means no points for either Damon or Damian, who both thought Huracán would win the championship.

The result – Velez Sarsfield 1 – 0 Huracan – (Damon 2 – 0 – Damian)

This week, we turn our eyes to the Copa Libertadores.  The first leg was a tight 0-0 draw, So, who will win the biggest club competition in South America, Brazilian Cruzeiro or Argentinian Estudiantes?

Damon: Cruzeiro 1-0 Estudiantes – Cruzeiro, doing badly in the league, will win the cup

Damian: Cruzeiro 1-1 Estudiantes – A draw and Estudiantes to win.



This week’s English for football phrase is to put down a marker The ‘marker’ in this phrase originally meant a line in the ground, a boundary which could not be crossed. To put down, or to lay down, a markeroriginally meant to outline your territory, what is yours. Nowadays, it is most often used to mean ‘to send a signal’, ‘ to announce a ‘presence or power’. So, in football, if you lay down a marker you have a good result in an opening game in a competition. The win shows your opponents that you are a strong team and that you have a good chance of winning the competition. A team may also buy some very famous players. This shows they are serious about trying to win titles. This summer, Real Madrid have bought Kaka, Ronaldo and Benzema and are still looking for more big names. They have put down a marker.


This week’s QUIZ QUESTION:

Michael Owen is a world famous striker. His father was also a footballer and also a striker. For which team did his father, Terence Owen, score 41 goals in the 1970s?

a) Everton

b) Chester City

c) Tranmere Rovers

d) Crewe Alexandria

Answer next week.

The answer to last week’s question, ‘How many titles has Huracan won’ was a) 1


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