Main Listening Report Week 15: Who will win the Premier League, and who will go down?

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On this week’s main report, we ask some football fans (James, Hans and Dave) for their views on which teams will do well in the Premier League and which teams will be going down. To help you understand the piece a little better there is a vocabulary list containing the words in bold at the foot of this post.

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Damon: OK, how’s it going to end up in the Premier League: the top four or top three places?

James: Oh, um, Arsenal are going to win. Then followed by Chelsea. And then Man City.

Damon: Man City. You’re a Man City fan of course.

James: Yes.

Damon: OK. What about relegation. Who’s going down.

James: I think Wolves are going to go down. They seem pretty doomed at the moment. Let’s have a think about it. Possibly Wigan, West Ham are looking in danger. Maybe West Ham, Wigan or possible Liverpool

Damon: Oh, so we’ve got three Ws and Liverpool!

Damon: OK Premier League 2010/2011 season. How’s it going to finish… the top three?

Hans: Top three will be… top will be Chelsea, followed by Man United and Arsenal, unfortunately.

Damon: OK And relegation misery for?

Hans: For the Ws. Wigan, West Ham and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Damon: So you don’t think West Ham are too good to go down?

Hans: No. No, they’ll definitely go down.

Damon: All right! Premier League 2010/2011 season, who’s going to win it? Who’s going to come in the top three?

Dave: Top three? As for the best footballing teams. West Brom, Blackpool second, Bolton third. Fourth, of course, Manchester City. To go down, let me think. Wolves, although they’ve played very well, West Ham and Liverpool.


end up:

go down: be relegated, go down a league

doomed: have no chance of survival, (in this context) definitely will be relegated

3Ws: Teams whose names begin with ‘W’ – Wolverhampton Wanderers,West Ham, Wigan

misery: sadness, unhappiness

too good to go down: a cliche, used to say a team is too famous (too big) to be relegated (go down)

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