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On this week’s main listening report we interview a Manchester United fan and a Manchester City fan and ask them what they think will happen next Monday when their teams clash in the 2012 Manchester Derby. It is also probably going to decide which of them wins the title – City need to win it, United need a draw or a win. You can listen to the report by clicking on the link above, while vocabulary support (in bold) appears at the foot of the report. If you have questions or comments, email us at:

Dave – A Manchester City fan

What does your team have to do to win it?

I think City have to play with confidence. Very simply. They have a much better team than United. The forwards should be able to take, well Evans and the other one… (Ferdinand) Ferdinand! Well neither of those are particularly good at the moment and I think basically the City front four should run rings around them. And maybe should get four possibly.

OK, so you’re predicting a 4-0 win.

Um, I’m not predicting a win. I’m saying City should win. The problem is when it gets to these big games City tend to be slightly hesitant, right. And because of the build up before this game which inevitably happens the game may well be a big disappointment. So, I think in reality I’d have to say no score, but I like that because I like to think low… low expectations. We’ll win 4-0!

Alright, and who’s going to win the title?

I think the title is… the main problem is not the game against United, it’s the game against Newcastle away because they’re the form team. And because of that, I can’t really see City winning too. And I can’t really see United losing theirs too. So it’s going to be very tight one point, but I think probably… Citeh!

And if you don’t win it, will that be a successful season coming second?

I think the season has been very very successful. Even though there have been obviously highlights… big, big problems involving Tévez and Balotelli, and Mancini obviously needs to be a better man manager in the future. But, you know, if you consider the number of points they’ve made this year compared to last year it’s better; they’ve scored more goals. If they don’t get it this year, I’m fairly sure they’ll get it next.

Simon – A Manchester United fan

The big game is coming up. What does Manchester United have to do to win it?

It’s a difficult one isn’t it. They’ve given away the initiative. They’ve just got to forget everything. Just go out there. Play the game. That’s it.

OK. And do you think they will be victorious. Do you think they’ll win it?

The thing is, they don’t have to win. A win or a draw is fine. But they have to go out and try to win. Really take the game to them. It’s the kind of game when they really could have done with Fletcher in the middle I think. It’s going to be difficult.

And beyond that game, do you think Manchester United will win be winning their 20th title?

Well, they have to, don’t they!

OK. If they don’t, do you think it will have been a successful season coming second?

They have to win it, don’t they!


run rings around: give your opponent a hard time; beat your opponent easily; take the ball past the opposing player several times

the build up: before big games the media often has a lot of coverage – news reports, interviews, features etc. This is called a big build up

the form team: the team with the best recent record; the team that is winning a lot of games recently

a man manager: someone good at dealing with people; a manager that can deal with players’ egos

the initiative:if a team has the initiative they are in the stronger position

take the game to: attack the opposition; play an aggressive game; not defensive

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