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On this week’s  listening report Damon reviews Liverpool’s season so far. This listening report is a shortened version of the regular weekly podcast. You can listen to the report by clicking on the link above and you can read the transcript below with key vocabulary explained at the bottom of the post

Listening Report: Liverpool – Half Term Report

The Premier League teams have played 22 matches, just over half way through the 38 fixtures each season. The busy winter period is over, a new year has started, and the third round of the FA Cup has been held. Now is a good time to take a look at how teams are doing. I’m going to reflect on the season so far of my team, Liverpool.

The Good

It has been very positive so far for the Reds. They are scoring for fun – 53 goals, which is 10 more than league leaders Arsenal. Fans are being treated to a feast of attacking football. They were top at Christmas and are still in fourth spot, although on equal points with Tottenham. They have beaten their arch rivals Manchester United 1-0 at Anfield and maintained their good form against derby rivals Everton, with a 3-3 draw away. The Merseyside club also have, arguably, the best player in England, with Luis Suarez wowing both scousers and the neutrals. Highlights are hard to choose from, but for me it was the 5-0 demolition of Spurs, and Jon Flanegan’s first goal for the side. A left footed half volley that crashed in off the underside of the crossbar. As a player born and bred in Liverpool, it must have been a great moment for him. All this means that Brendan Rogers, Liverpool’s young manager, is beginning to convince fans that he could be the real deal.

The Bad

Not much really. There are of course the odd poor displays – losing 3-1 against Hull stands out. If they’d won that game they would have had a chance to open up a gap at the top of league.  While their attack has been fantastic, their defence has been very shaky, and the Reds have leaked goals in almost every match – 28 goals have been shipped, which is the most in the top four. A lot can be put down to injuries – Agger has been in and out, Enrique only featured at the start of the season, and new signing Sakho, first took time to bed in then picked up an injury that has sidelined him for the last three weeks. The squad looks thin, which means when things are going wrong on the pitch there are not many options on the bench.


Two concerns are, firstly, Liverpool are being regularly beaten to signings. In the summer they lost out to Chelsea in the chase for Willian and just this week Chelsea swooped again to sign Liverpool target Salah. The lack of Champions League football is beginning to mean Liverpool are finding it hard to attract the best. Secondly, there was some encouraging talk about developing Anfield at the start of the season, but things have been very quite on that front recently. A bigger stadium could help Liverpool generate the funds needed to compete at the top.


I’m not going to make any. I’m just enjoying watching Liverpool play for the first time for several seasons.

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Football vocabulary and phrases used in this week’s listening report

To score for fun: To score a lot of goals easily; to play entertaining football with lots of goals

A feats of: A lot of something

To wow: To surprise; to entertain; to amaze

A demolition: A big victory; a win with a lot of goals

to crash in off:  To cross the goal line after hitting the post or bar; a powerful shot that hits the woodwork

To ship goals: To allow goals to be scored against you; to allow goals to be scored

To bed in: To become accustomed to a new situation; to become part of the team

The squad is thin: The squad is small; there are not enough quality players in the team

To swoop: (In football) To make a sudden offer to buy a player

On that front: Connected with; related to

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