2006-07 Learners’ Podcast 11: Winter Transfer Window

In this report Damian talks about the 2006 winter transfer window

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The learners’ report is a shortened version of the regular weekly podcast. In this report Damian talks about the 2006 winter transfer window. You can listen to the report by clicking on the link above, while there is also a worksheet here. You can also listen to the full podcast here. Damon also explains a new football phrase ‘to be linked with‘.


Download the Worksheet
Download the Worksheet


Match each word with its meaning

1. ___ Transfer
2. ___ Relegate.
3. ___ Extremely
4. ___ Vital
5. ___ Rumour

a. Very
b. Exchange, move
c. Drop down
d. Gossip
e. Very important

Listening 1

Fill in the blank spaces
We have reached the ………………… point in most of the European Leagues with many of the clubs realising that the next 15 or so games could make or ………………… their season. Having been unable to make ………………… since the end of August they now have a chance to bring in new players to help them push for the title, attempt to qualify for Europe, or to avoid being ………………… to a lower division. Gossip and rumour are rife: yes, the transfer window has opened.

Now, the current window ………………… on January 1st allowing clubs the opportunity to buy, sell, loan, trade and ………………… players from their squad. Though this is not the only window during the year, this particular time is ………………… interesting, as teams have to be very careful what they do with their money. ………………… a big name player may excite your ………………… but it does not always work, just ask West Ham after signing two Argentinian World Cup stars, Mascherano and Tevez in …………………, as you know, there is much more to it than that.

Listening 2

Listen and answer the questions
1. What may a club have to do to get some money?
2. How much did Boa Morte from Fulham cost?
3. Who do Manchester United want to sign (buy)?
4. What do Chelsea not have to worry about?
5. According to the languagecaster team, where will David Beckham move to?

Here are some of the words and phrases used in Podcast 11

hooliganism – fighting between fans of different teams
e.g. Hooliganism was a real problem in the 1970s and 80s in England.

pick of the bunch – the best choice.
e.g. The first of Baptista’s goals against Liverpool was the pick of the bunch of his four 

replay – another match after the first game was drawn.
e.g. Chester play Ipswich in a replay of the FA Cup 3rd round game next week.

toothless attack – non-threatening; no bite in attack, cannot score many goals
e.g. Cardiff have not scored from 5 games due to their toothless attack.

make or break – an important time in the season.
e.g. This month is make or break time for many team’s chances in the league.

rumour – gossip
e.g. This month there are lots of rumours about where players will move.

to stay up – to not be relegated, to stay in the same division
e.g. I think West ham will stay up this season.

wheeling and dealing – buying and selling players
e.g. Portsmouth’s Harry Rednapp is famous for wheeling and dealing in the
 transfer market.

retaining the title – winning the league again
e.g. Chelsea are trying to retain their title for the third year in a row.

firing on all cylinders – everyone is playing very well in the team
e.g. Chelsea are not really firing on all cylinders at the moment.

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