Learners’ Podcast 41 – 2008 Premier League: Fans’ Review

2008 Premier League Review: The Premier League is over and on this week’s show we ask some fans what they …

The Premier League is over and on this week’s show we ask some fans what they thought of their team’s performance during the season.

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2008 Premier League Review


DB: Hans, can you sum up the season for us?
Hans: Disappointing. That’s about it. Disappointing.
DB: Low points?
Hans: Lots, lots and lots. Pretty much every weekend was a low point, except when we beat Newcastle 1-0 at Pride Park.
DB: So that would be the high point, would it?
Hans: That would be the high point, yes.
DB: Player of the season?
Hans: The fans. Sellout crowd every week at the home games so, the fans, no player.
DB: What are you looking forward to next year?
Hans: Promotion.

DB: OK, I am sitting here with Tim, a Liverpool fan. Can you sum up your Liverpool season?
Tim: Well, it had a very promising start and I think the first game we had against Chelsea we looked like we were the best team and I thought we were going to have a great season and then we had this terrible long middle patch where we got some very, a lot of innocuous results, a lot of draws, dropped points without actually really ever playing badly and we had a bit of a spring interest in the European competition, that was good, some good matches there. But at the end of the day, another season without anything to show for it.
DB: OK, who is your player of the season?
Tim: Well, that’s gotta’ be an easy question, that’s Torres. I can’t… I was trying to think of a player who’s had such a … been such a good signing for us and I don’t think since the days of Barnes or Beardsley we’ve had someone we’ve signed made such an impact. He’s made a difference in a lot of games, he’s going to be great for three or four years.
DB: OK, what was the highlight?
Tim: Well, we probably have to look at the European Champions League. And I think the
drama and the excitement, the game, the two games against Arsenal were just fantastic.
DB: The low point?
Tim: Well, there are a few actually, unfortunately. There’s the odd match, which… I mean
losing to Chelsea in the semi final was rather difficult to take as this year actually for the first time I thought we were the better team. I think that…that long stretch of draws was very dispiriting. We had lots of, we just lost points without ever really playing badly and then we just lost our chance to win the title.

Damian: I suppose if there was one word to sum up Tottenham’s season it would be
frustrating. Tipped by many to do well before the campaign started, one win from the first fourteen matches put paid to that prediction. During that period we also replaced manager Martin Jol with Juande Ramos in a move that was at best, messy. Since then Spurs have been, well, typical Spurs lots of goals and strong performances yet
since the middle of January the team has not moved from 11th place. Highlights? Well, it
has to be the Carling Cup, which included a 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal in the semi finals and then we defeated Chelsea 2-1 to win our first trophy in nine years. Low points? Not being able to hold onto points after taking the lead in almost half of our games and, of course, missing a penalty at The Emirates when it was 1-1 and only fifteen minutes to go. Ironically, the player who missed that penalty is my player of the year. Robbie Keane worked tirelessly throughout the season, scoring his 100th goal for the club including the goal of the season in the 95th minute against Chelsea in the 4-4 draw at White Hart Lane.

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