2006-07 Learners’ Podcast 3: Argentinian football

On this week’s learners’ report Damon and Damian discuss the end of the Argentinian football season.

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The learners’ report is a shortened version of the regular weekly podcast. On this week’s learners’ report Damon and Damian discuss the end of the Argentinian season. You can listen to the report by clicking on the link above, while there is also a worksheet here

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  • Boca Juniors worksheet and transcript.pdf
  • English for football 7 – being fired
  • Transcript: Spotlight on Argentinian football (Boca Juniors – Estudiantes)

    Damian and Damon focus on Boca Juniors and Estudiantes, two Buenos Aires teams that face each other for the Apertura Championship this week. (December 14th 2006)

    Damian: Well, Boca Juniors is one of the most popular Argentinian football teams and is based in the neighbourhood of La Boca, in Buenos Aires. This area is built around the port on La Plata River and is a working class area of the city. This is in contrast to the supporters of other teams from the city, such as their great rivals River Plate which is seen as more middle class.

    Boca’s fans are famous for their passion for their team and they appreciate hard-working and loyal players. Their stadium, La Bombonera, which means the chocolate box, is one of the best known in the world, and is very intimidating to away supporters because of the noise and the colour there. Perhaps the most famous fan that Boca has is Diego Maradona who also played for his local team. Other famous players that have played for the blue and yellow shirted team include: Batistuta, Riquleme, and Carlos Tevez.

    Boca has won more than 20 league titles but are not the most successful side in Argentinian football as their city rivals River Plate have won over 30 but they have won 5 Libertadores Cups which is more than their rivals.

    This season’s team are trying to win their third title in a row but have stumbled recently losing their last two matches so maybe confidence is low. Their manager, Ricardo La Volpe who was manager of Mexico in the Germany 2006 World Cup, has threatened to resign if they lose against Estudiantes next week.


    Podcast 7 (December 14th) Vocabulary 7 pdf

    7 points clear – to lead the league by 7 points.
    e.g. Inter Milan are 7 points clear of Roma in Serie A

    scored on his comeback – scored in his first game back after a long injury
    e.g. Cisse scored on his comeback for Marseilles last week.

    on loan – to play for a team on a temporary basis.
    e.g. Cisse is on loan at Marseilles from Liverpool
    play-off – a non-regular game that usually decides something important
    e.g. The final play-off between Estudiantes and Boca will decide the Championship.

    handbags – fighting between players – but not very serious at all.
    e.g. The fight between Lehman and Drogba was nothing more than handbags.

    get hammered – to be beaten very badly (thrashed)
    e.g. West Ham got hammered last week by Bolton 0-4 (a pun on the name of the team)

    raise their game – a team will improve its performance (maybe a derby game)
    e.g. West Ham will raise their game against Manchester United for the new manager.

    red carded – to receive a red card – be sent off
    e.g. Zidane was red carded in the World Cup Final of 2006.


I was born and brought up near Chester in the north west of England. I have always loved playing and talking about sport, especially football!
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