Learn English Through Football Podcast: World Cup 2018 – Review of the Group Stage

Review of the Group Stage

In this podcast we review some of the big stories from the group stages at the 2018 World Cup in Russia – Damian and Damon look back at some of the drama that has taken place so far. We also explain some World Cup language, ask a World Cup quiz question, predict some upcoming games and answer some listeners’ questions. For this audio report there is a transcript, great for learners and teachers of English, which can be accessed by becoming a patron (through Patreon). If you have questions or comments, email us at: admin@languagecaster.com.


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Transcript of the show (30th June 2018: Damon=DB, Damian=DF)

Learn English through Football Podcast: 2018 World Cup – Review of the Group Stage

DB: You are listening to languagecaster.com’s football-language podcast. Welcome everyone to the podcast for all those interested in improving their English skills and who love the beautiful game of football. My name’s Damon and I’m based in Tokyo, which is baking at the moment. I hear that the sun is also shining in London, where we should be able to hear from Damian. Damian, how are things?

DF: Hello Damon and hello everyone. Not bad at all, although a little at a loss on the day when there was no football! Yes, it has been great weather over here in England and summer has come early here. As has the end of the group stages. The two weeks have flown by since Russia kicked off against Saudi Arabia on the 14th June. I remember I watched that game in Helsinki on my way to St Petersburg to see Morocco versus Iran on day two of the World Cup – it seems such a long time ago indeed.

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