Learn English through Football Podcast: To clinch the title – Bayern, PSG and Real Madrid

In this football language podcast for learners of English, we look at the phrase ‘to clinch the title‘ which has been used quite a lot over the past week as we move towards the end of the season. You can also read a transcript for this podcast below, while you can also check out our glossary of footballing phrases here and visit our site to access all our previous posts and podcasts. If you have any suggestions or questions then you can contact us at admin@languagecaster.com.

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Learn English through Football Podcast: To clinch the title – Bayern, PSG and Real Madrid

DF: Hello again everyone and welcome to Languagecaster.com – the football-language podcast for learners of English who love the beautiful game of football. I’m Damian and I’m here in a sunny London and I’m one half of the languagecaster team, the other member of course is Damon who is based in Tokyo, Japan. Now we are at the stage of the season known as the business end of the season, which is an important period when things are decided in different leagues and divisions, such as relegation or promotion. And so on this short football-language podcast we will take a look at the phrase ‘to clinch the title‘ which is used to describe when a team wins a title and this of course has been in the news this week as teams around Europe have won different cups and trophies. Now, to clinch something means to secure something or to win – sometimes we might hear the phrase ‘clinch a deal‘ or in football, ‘clinch a win‘ or ‘clinch a point‘ that’s when a team comes back from a losing position to gain a draw. Another way of saying clinch the title then is to secure the title and both of these phrases mean that a team has won the league title.

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To clinch the title

OK, congratulations to PSG in France, Bayern Munich in Germany and Real Madrid in Spain who have all clinched their respective league titles over the past week: they have won the league title in their country. This is how CBS Sports.com reported Bayern Munich’s win in the Bundesliga: ‘Bayern Munich clinch 10th straight title with win over rivals Borussia Dortmund in Der Klassiker’ (CBS Sports.com, April 23 2022), which of course means that they won their tenth title in a row by beating Borussia Dortmund – we know it is Dortmund as Der Klassiker is used to describe this match-up between these two sides. 

As we said, another club to win a title last weekend was Paris Saint-Germain and this is how the Jakarta Post described this win: Paris St Germain have clinched a record-equalling 10th French title (The Jakarta Post, April 24, 2022). This means that not only did the Parisian side win the title, they also equalled the record of most wins in French football history – they have joined Marseille and Saint Etienne on ten titles.

Now Real Madrid won their 35th Spanish league title this weekend and remarkably this La Liga victory means that their manager Carlo Ancelotti has now won the league title in the top five European leagues which some newspapers are calling a ‘Grand Slam’. Here’s how The Independent newspaper reported this victory: ‘Real Madrid clinch La Liga title as Carlo Ancelotti completes the ‘grand slam’ of top five European leagues’.

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Now, if you want to ask any football-language questions or simply say hi then you can do so by adding a comment on our site here, or by using our forum, by sending an email to us at admin@languagecaster.com. You can also look for us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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DB: Yes, you are listening to languagecaster and that message was in German and we’d love to hear from anyone else who might like to share this message, ‘you are listening to Languagecaster.com‘. And don’t forget that there’s a transcript to this podcast and lots of vocab support which you can access by coming along to our site here at languagecaster – a great resource for those learning the language and for those teaching the language.

OK, that’s it for this short football-language podcast in which we looked at the phrase ‘to clinch the title‘. Congratulations again to those victorious sides who all secured or clinched the league title. What other teams will clinch the title in Europe over the next few weeks? We’ll be back soon with more football language and until then enjoy all the football this week. Bye bye.

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