Learn English Through Football Podcast: Liverpool’s demolition job on Roma

Liverpool's demolition on RomaWhat a week of football we’ve had! On the show today, Damon and Damian review the footballing news, including Liverpool’s demolition job on Roma and semi-final ‘blues’. In the predictions section we focus on teams struggling to avoid the drop, and we have some football language, too – this week give the keeper the eyes. For those wishing to improve their English, there’s a transcript to the show below and if you have questions or comments, email us at: admin@languagecaster.com (Damian=DF, Damon=DB).

Learn English Through Football Podcast: Liverpool’s demolition job on Roma

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Transcript of the show

DB: You are listening to languagecaster.com. Hiya everyone. Welcome to our learn English through football podcast. Good to have you with us. My name’s Damon, and I live in Tokyo, Japan, which is currently enjoying some beautiful sunny, hot spring weather. Now, across continents is Damian in London. Damian, how are things?

DF: Hi Damon, hi everyone. Not too bad Damon – a busy week at work and still trying to get over the disappointment of last week’s football. You, however, must be feeling pretty happy after Liverpool’s win mid-week?

DB: I certainly am – wow, what a game! Unbelievable! And that Champions League semi-final match will feature in our first section today – the good, the bad and the ugly, I’m sure. Now, what else is on the show Damian?

DF: As you said, we’ll start with a chat about what’s been happening in the football world in our review section; our quiz question this week is about goalkeepers (here is a listening report on goalkeepers from 2012) and that comes before our football language section, and today we’ll explain the phrase to give the keeper the eyes. And we’ll wrap up the show with predictions, which feature some of the teams facing relegation in the Premier League those who are in the drop zone.

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DF: Yes, so from next week the transcript, for example, for the show, worksheets on the show and any other extras that we have will all be available on our Patreon link. Thank you indeed for your support.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

DF: Yes, you are listening to languagecaster.com and that message was in Hungarian. Now next, it’s the good, the bad and the ugly where we look back at some of the football news from the past week, and I’m going to start with your team Damon.

DB: Excellent – I always like it when Liverpool are in the good section.


DF: Well, they deserve to be after putting in a thrilling performance in the first leg of their semi-final tie against Italian outfit, Roma. In a spell mid-way through the first half to mid-way through the second half they put five goals past Roma, with Mo Salah and Firmino bagging braces, and Mané, the other member of the front three adding another one.

DB: When you use the verb ‘bagging’ here you men scoring, right?

DF: Yes, Salah and Firmino both bagged braces – they each scored twice. Liverpool’s front three are 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the goal-scoring ranking…

DB: Get in!

DF: …for this season’s Champions League. They have now scored 38 goals in this competition, 10 more than the second-highest scoring team, Real Madrid. Two late goals dampened their spirits a little bit but they will be confident going to Rome for the second leg. Damon, are you confident?

DB: Well, I’ve got to be – it’s 5-2, but football is a funny old game, so I’m not counting my chickens yet!

DF: So you are still not thinking of the final! Wise man. Right, what about bad from this week?


DB: Well it has been bad for Tottenham, I’m sorry, and Bayern in semi finals this week. First Tottenham lost to Manchester United in the FA Cup semi final last weekend. That brings their losses in the semi final stage to eight! Surely their luck will turn next time.

DF: Doubtful.

DB: Bayern Munich will also be kicking themselves after a semi-final loss, this time in the other semi-final first leg in the Champions League. They lost 2-1 to Real Madrid at home, and can blame a lack of ruthlessness as they missed a succession of good opportunities. Now, since 2013 the German side has been dumped out of the competition four times by Spanish sides, and three times at the semi final stage, and it’s going to need a huge effort to avoid another loss when they visit Real Madrid for the return leg. Damian, any comments on Tottenham’s semi-final loss?

DF: We started well but a mistake cost us and we never really reacted which is strange for us this season. United know how to win but I’m not sure about what some people are suggesting that we have a curse on us. We have lost semi-finals to Manchester United and Chelsea in the past three occasions – teams that are stronger than us – simple as that. Hopefully next season! Anyway…anyway, how about ugly?


DB: Unfortunately there were very ugly scenes outside Anfield – that’s Liverpool’s ground – at the semi-final we’ve just talked about. A Liverpool fan was attacked by Roma supporters and is now in a critical condition in hospital with head injuries. Two Italians were arrested in connection with the attack. Now, there are now fears that there may be more trouble when Liverpool fans travel to Rome, as Roma ultras – hardcore, violent fans – have been involved in violent attacks on visiting supporters several times over recent years, including against Chelsea fans in the group stages of this year’s competition. Very ugly and we hope the Liverpool fan makes a full recovery.

DF: Yes indeed.


DB: Now, remember you can get in touch with us via all the usual social media platforms – twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And y ou can also contact us directly via our email address admin@languagecaster.com,

DF: Yes, get in touch with any questions or comments, or perhaps you have a suggestion for our weekly quiz question.

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Quiz Question

DF: Now this week’s quiz question features goalkeepers. We want to know which goalkeeper out of the following list has kept the most clean sheets in this year’s Champions League. Now, a clean sheet is when a keeper does not allow a goal to be scored. Is it:

  1. Karius at Liverpool
  2. Alisson for Roma
  3. Ederson at Manchester City
  4. Ter Stegen who is between the sticks at Barcelona

And all of these goalkeepers have played more than eight matches. And we’ll have the answer at the end of the show.

DF: Tough one! Right, it’s time for some football language.

Football Language: To give the keeper the eyes

DF: And I’m going to keep with the goalkeeper theme and explain the phrase  to give the keeper the eyes. When a player is one on one with the goalkeeper – he or she only has the keeper to beat – sometimes the player will look one way but shoot the other way. This means that he is pretending to shoot in one direction but actually goes a different way – he or she gives the goalkeeper the eyes. In basketball a similar phrase is used quite a lot – a ‘no-look pass’ which means that a player doesn’t look in the direction that he or she passes the ball. This kind of move or play is effective as it confuses the opponents – as long as the no-look pass or no-look shot works. For example, this season Liverpool striker Firmino has scored many ‘no-look goals’. To give the keeper the eyes is similar in that the forward will look one way and then fool the keeper by placing the ball in a different part of the goal. There was an example from the Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid game when Bayern’s defender Joshua Kimmich scored at the near post against Real Madrid keeper Keylor Navas – he gave the keeper the eyes to beat him at his near post.


DB: Brilliant stuff! Now, right, we’re coming to the end of the show now which means it’s predictions. I’m a narrow two points ahead of you Damian, going into the final stretch. Can I keep out in the front?

DF: Maybe …but of course we are playing for second and third places as we are way behind Alexrr who will probably, actually definitely, be this year’s winner.

DB: Yes and of course we will be having our usual World Cup predictions competition over the summer too.

DF: Yes, looking forward to that. Right the first game this weekend is Liverpool versus Stoke City.

Liverpool v Stoke City

DB: OK, now can Liverpool focus on the game against Stoke City or will their minds be elsewhere, i.e. Rome on Wednesday? Now Stoke will fancy their chances with a distracted Liverpool, who will probably make three or four changes, but I think the Reds will ease to a 2-0 win. What do you reckon, Damian?

DF: Stoke have been recently playing well without winning and this will continue today – 3-1 for the Reds.

Southampton v Bournemouth

DB: Hopefully. Now, Southampton versus Bournemouth is our next game. And people call this a south-coast derby, but this is a very new match up, so form should play a part rather than passion stirred by history. Southampton really need a win, or they may well go down. Now, they are on 29 points, that’s the same as Stoke, and in 18th, four behind Swansea and safety. I don’t think they will win, but I don’t think they’ll lose. I can see this being 1-1. You?

DF: I reckon Southampton, the Saints, will win this one – 2-1 for me to give them a chance of survival.

DB: Hmm, OK.

Manchester United v Arsenal

DF: Now, talking of rivalries, Manchester United v Arsenal has been a big one in the Premier League era. And this is also a big game for Arsène Wenger, who announced he’ll be leaving at the end of the season, and he’ll be hoping he can finish the season on a high. A win here would help. What do you think Damon?

DB: I think Mourinho’s United will be too strong at home. They’ve had some good results recently and I believe they’ll get another one here – 2-1. What do you think?

DF: Do you know that Arsenal have not won away from home in 2018?

DB: No way!

DF: Actually, no points at all and they will be resting key players for the second leg of their Europa League semi-final against Atlético Madrid next Thursday so this will be a comfortable home win for United – 2-0 for me.

PATREON – Arsène Wenger Worksheet

DF: OK, talking of Arsène Wenger we’d like to highlight the fact that those following us on Patreon will be able to access exclusive content this week which is a listening worksheet complete with transcript and answers on the legendary Arsenal manager and it has just been posted this weekend. And you can find out how to do this by coming along to our website here at languagecaster.com or by finding us on our Patreon site – that’s languagecaster’s football podcasts and of course thanks again to all those who do support us.

Quiz Question

DB: OK, now Damian, how about the answer to the quiz question you asked earlier?

DF: OK, we wanted to know which goalkeeper from the following list has kept the most clean sheets in this year’s Champions League. Now, the list was:

  1. Karius at Liverpool
  2. Alisson for Roma
  3. Ederson at Manchester City
  4. Ter Stegen between the sticks at Barcelona

DF: Damon, what do you think?

DB: I would have guessed… I don’t know…  Ter Stegen perhaps.

DF: Yes, well the answer is your team Liverpool’s Karius.

DB: I’m actually pretty surprised to hear that. He’s still not wholly convinced even though he’s been given a long run as number one. But, I’ll take another top stat for Liverpool in the Champions League!


DF: That’s it for this week’s show. Enjoy all the football this weekend.

DB: Yes. Enjoy the football, best of luck to your team, and we’ll be back next week with news of the Champions League finalists and lots more. Ta-ra!

Check out our glossary of footballing phrases here
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