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Learn English Through Football Podcast: 2018 World Cup Preview

2018 World Cup Preview

The 2018 World Cup is about to kick off in Russia and on today’s football-language podcast we take a look ahead to some of the language-learning resources we will make available over the tournament, including quizzes, transcripts, worksheets and much more. We also have an interview with a football fan in which we look at his predictions for the tournament, explain a new football phrase – ‘to run out winners‘ – and invite you all to take part in our World Cup predictions competition. For this audio report there is a transcript, great for learners and teachers of English, which can be accessed by becoming a patron (through Patreon). If you have questions or comments, email us at: (Damian=DF).

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Transcript of the show (11th June 2018)

Learn English Through Football Podcast: 2018 World Cup Preview

DF: You are listening to’s football-language podcast. Welcome everyone to the podcast for all those interested in improving their English skills and who love the beautiful game of football. My name is Damian and I am currently here in a very sunny London and, of course, I am looking forward to the 2018 World Cup tournament that kicks off later on this week, on Thursday in fact. We’ll be looking ahead to that tournament in today’s show and letting you know some of our plans for the podcast over the next 5 weeks or so – we have lots of materials, resources and quizzes all looking at some of the language from the World Cup.

Now, here in England there is a quiet confidence in the English team’s chances – not many tipped this team to do well after so many heartaches and disappointments at recent major tournaments but there is a feeling that this young side might do quite well this time round. Our other presenter, Damon, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, is not with us today but he’ll be along later on this week to talk to us about the World Cup – I wonder what Damon thinks of England’s chances and indeed what the Japanese media and fans think of Japan’s World Cup possibilities.


DF: On today’s show we start with an interview with a football fan on his predictions for the World Cup – winners, dark horses and top scorer. After that we will explain some football language, ‘to run out winners‘, after that we have a football quiz question and then we’ll explain how to play in our World Cup predictions competition here at

Stinger: You are listening to (in French).

DF: Yes, you are listening to – do you know what language that was? It was in French and of course France will be one of the favourites to lift the trophy in July. OK, next up we have an interview with an Irish football fan, Brendan, about his tips for the upcoming World Cup. Now, this audio is available to all listeners and subscribers to our podcasts but we have some extras for this podcast that are only available to our patrons – those who follow us through patreon. So, for this end of season review we have a transcript which we think will be really useful for both teachers and learners of English. Just click on the Patreon button to subscribe to access this and all our other previous material. Thank you.

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Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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