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In this short podcast on the language of football we listen to a Manchester City fan discuss his team’s historic treble. You can access the transcript of the show below, and also check out our huge glossary of footballing phrases here. We have hundreds of previous posts and podcasts too on our website. If you are a teacher of English, why don’t you use the audio and transcript to provide practice for their students: Try a gap-fill activity for example. And learners of English can access all resources for free.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions then you can contact us at admin@languagecaster.com.

Learn English Through Football

DB: Hello everyone. My name’s Damon and you are listening to a languagecaster.com football language podcast. podcast for all lovers of the beautiful game – football – and for those interested in learning English, too. Now, Damian, the other member of the languagecaster team will soon be doing a podcast on the 2023 Champions League final, won of course 1-0 by English side Manchester City. Come along to languagecaster.com to check that out, as he discusses some of the football language connected to the match. On this short podcast, we’ll be listening to James, a massive Manchester City fan, talk about his team’s historic treble.

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The Treble

DB: OK, before we listen to James, let’s talk about the football phrase ‘the treble‘. What exactly is it and why is it so special?

Well, the treble is when a club side wins the domestic double (the league and the main cup competition) and the main continental trophy, which in Europe is the Champions League. And these three trophies are all won in the same season. Today, we are focused on Manchester City, an English side, so the treble in this case is winning the Premier League title, the FA Cup, and the Champions League.

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Winning all three competitions in any country is remarkably hard and only eight teams in Europe have achieved this. The teams are Celtic, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Barcelona (twice), Inter Milan, Bayern Munich (twice) and, the most recent, Manchester City.

The treble is different from a domestic treble, which would be the league title and the two domestic cups, something Manchester City managed in the 2018-2019 season.

A Fan’s Voice

DB: OK, we asked James, a Man City fan, to answer a few questions about his team’s treble, and this is what he had to say.

Which part of the treble gave James the most satisfaction?

DB: First, which part of the treble gave you the most satisfaction?

James: Okay, so if I had to think which part of the treble gave me the most satisfaction, I think I’ve got to say the FA Cup. Beating (Manchester) United in the final, it just means so much. And, and scoring after 12 seconds and destroying their dreams in such a short space of time.

It’s just a beautiful thing. And, you know, I think it comes from, you know, as well, I never dreamt of winning the league or winning, the, the Champions League when I was a child. I mean the FA Cup was the height of my dreams as a City fan. So I think, and because we’d have to get so lucky to win it. So I think doing that and beating United in the final, it’s just unbelievable.

DB: Interesting, so beating their derby rivals was the most satisfying for James. A feeling most football fans will be familiar with if their team has a big local rival.

Thought’s on the Champions League Final

DB: Next, what were his thoughts about the Champions League final?

James: Um, my thoughts, going on to the Champions League final and my thoughts. I thought it was a really tough game. I was very tense, a very nervy affair.

City’s strengths, I think as a team, other than they have the confidence to play out from the back. You know, they’re really very good at making a difficult pass. And, it’s safe in the knowledge that whoever they pass the ball too, they’ll be able to, be able to control it and turn and get out of the press that’s on.

And you could just see that the players were frightened of making a mistake. They were so frightened that, you know, if they made a pass out from the back and it went wrong, then they were in trouble. And it wasn’t as if Inter were pressing so hard.

It was just that they just didn’t, they were frightened and… which means it was just so good. They did a really good job in holding their nerve and improving in the second half and going on for the win.

DB: I agree with James on this one, it was a very nervy affair for both teams. They both were worried about making a mistake.

Favourite Player

DB: What about James’ favourite player this season?

James: My favourite player of the season. It might surprise a lot of people, I think Grealish, I thought Greenwich was pretty rubbish last year. And i think he’s just improved so much. He seems to know. what Pep wants of him now and he always is is trying to you know progress play. As soon as he’s got the ball he’s looking to dribble and attack the defender and I think that’s really a really good job this season.

Having said that though, I think you might struggle to get in the team next year because Foden… being out injured for most of the season, allowed Grealish to play. And I think Foden is a much better player.

DB: Yes, good call. A lot of people have pointed out how well Grealish has played and how much he’s improved. Maybe an example of Pep’s genius perhaps.

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DB: Thank you for that message and that was in Uzbek. OK, that brings us to the end of this show – a Manchester City fan’s view of their fantastic treble! Thanks to James and to you for listening!

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DB: We’ll be back soon. Enjoy all of the football. Ta-ra!

Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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