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Learn English Through Football Podcast: Man City v Chelsea

It’s a great week of football this week! The big game in the Premier League is Man City v Chelsea, third versus first, Pep vs Conte, sky blues against the blues. We also have some English for football phrases including the multi-word verb ‘to sit out‘, and feature three big games from the Premier League in our predictions battle – Manchester City v Chelsea, West Ham v Arsenal and Everton v Manchester United. You can read the transcript for the show in our post below (Damian = DF, Damon = DB).

2016-17 Learn English Through Football Podcast: Man City v Chelsea

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Transcript of the show

DF: Welcome to’s football language podcast. This is the show for all fans of football who want to learn more about the language of the beautiful game. My name is Damian, and I am talking to you from London on a bright but chilly December day. Now, down the Skype line is Damon in Tokyo. Damon, how are things over there?

DB: Very good Damian. just getting ready for my team’s quarter-final game under the floodlights!

DF: Wow! Sounds good. Good luck to you and your team. How do you rate your chances?

DB: Slim! We only have 11 players and a few key members are out this weekend! But we’ll give it our best! Anyway, what have we got this week on the show?

Forza Chape

DF: Well, Damon before we talk about what is coming up on the show perhaps we should take a moment to pay our respects to all those who died in the air crash earlier this week in Colombia. As many of you will know, the Brazilian side Chapecoense were travelling to Colombia to face Atletico Nacional for the final of the Copa Sudamericana when their plane crashed killing 71 passengers. This included 19 players and members of the coaching staff, as well as many football journalists from Brazil. An extremely sad story from the football world this week.

Line up

DF: Right, on this week’s show we’ll start as we usually do with some news from the footballing world in the good, the bad and the ugly. After that, we’ve got a quiz question for our listeners before our focus on some of the footballing language we picked out from this week. And, of course, we’ll finish with our predictions for the results of three key games in the Premier League.

DB: Sounds good. Now talking of good, what was good this week for you Damian?.


DF: Well, it was a good day today for Chelsea as they travelled to Manchester City and beat their rivals 3-1 and this after being one down in the first half. Conte’s men have now won seven games in a row and have a three-point lead at the top of the table.

DB: I can’t believe you didn’t mention Ben Woodburn, the youngest Liverpool player to score, who also comes from my home village back in the UK!

DF. Sorry. Great news and congratulations. It was bad of me to miss that one, Damon. And talking about bad, what bad news did you pick out from the news this week?


DB: Well, it’s looking pretty bad for Alan Pardew, Crystal Palace’s manager. His team have been defeated in the last six league games and are 17th in the table, on the same points as Hull who are in the bottom three. Surely if the Eagles don’t start to pick up some points, calls for Pardew’s head will grow louder. Indeed, he is now favourite for the axe with the bookies – the vultures are circling over the Eagle’s boss. Any ugly?


DF: He did look like a dead man walking but after a good home victory over Southampton today the pressure has been somewhat relieved on Pardew. Well, Damon a huge story has broken here in England about former players who had been sexually abused when they were trainees at their clubs and this has really shocked the football community here in the UK. Many clubs are now involved and it seems that this story is going to get bigger over the next few weeks.

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DF: Now, we’d just like to remind you that you can also contact us here at on twitter, that’s @languagecaster, or visit us at our Facebook page Learn English Through Football, and you can let us know if there is any football language that you would like us to explain or add to our huge football language glossary. We’d like to say hi to all those who are now following or liking us including: Jian Kang, Shunno, Julian and Thar Chay – welcome to you all.

Quiz question

DB: OK, welcome to our weekly quiz question. Well, we’ve just talked about Crystal Palace, whose nickname is ‘The Eagles’. Our question this week is can you name three other teams in the Premier League with the name of an animal in their nickname?

DF: Hmm… tricky. Are you counting crests, shirt badges, because Tottenham have a cockerel on theirs?

DB: No. No badges. Just nicknames.

DF: Right, we’ll have the answer at the end of the show. Right, next up we have our first English for football phrase, Damon, what do you have?

Football Language: (to) Sit out

DB: OK. Well I’m going to talk about the verb phrase to sit out, which means to miss or to not take part in. If a player sits out a game, they do not start, indeed probably they are not even on the bench. So, when a player is injured we can say they will sit out the next game, or have sat out the last three games for example. This weekend, it’s likely that Daniel Sturridge will sit out Liverpool’s game with Bournemouth. Another way to talk about missing a game is to say the player has been sidelined. How about you Damon, what football language do you have?

(to) Make a statement

DF: Well Damon I am going to talk about the phrase ‘to make a statement‘ which is not a football expression in itself; though it is commonly used in the game when a team wants to show their rivals that they mean business. It’s very similar to the expression ‘to lay down a marker‘  which we featured on the show way back in 2011 after Manchester City thrashed Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford. And after today’s games in the Premier League, we could say that Chelsea have made a statement after their victory at Manchester City.

DB: Good stuff. OK, next up… this week’s predictions.


DF: Yes, Damon and the November standings finished with me on top of the pile with 23 points, ahead of Jose Levy who had 11 and then the Mighty Toft and yourself with 8 points.

DB: Well done. I wonder if you can keep up your good form over the busy winter schedule in December? And listeners remember to join in, too. Come along to the site, click on Predictions Competition at the top of the site and either register or login to add your predictions. Right, what games have we got, Damian?

Manchester City vs Chelsea

DF: Let’s start with the big early Saturday clash between third-placed Manchester City and first-placed Chelsea. What do you think?

DB: Well, I’m hoping for a draw here, so that Liverpool, if they win at Bournemouth, can sneak in to top spot. It should be an intriguing game, with Chelsea having fantastic form, but Manchester City playing at home and knowing that this is a big chance to make a statement. But I think they will cancel each other out on the scoreboard in an entertaining game – 2-2. You?

DF: I thought City would win 2-1 but they were beaten 3-1 by Chelsea – so no points for either of us there.

 West Ham vs Arsenal

DB: OK. Next we have a London derby, there are so many of these aren’t there! This time West Ham versus Arsenal. The Hammers have been struggling at home, so how do you see this one ending Damian?

DF: 1-1 for me. And you, Damon?

DB: A 2-1 win for Arsenal.

DF: One point for you Damon as Arsenal easily beat The Hammers 5-1 – they made a strong statement indeed.

Everton vs Manchester United

DF: OK, and next we have a north-west clash between Merseyside team, Everton, and Manchester United.

DB: After their morale-boosting EFL Cup win, I think Manchester United may get an away win here. They won the last two at Goodison, Everton’s home ground, and I think they can make it a hat-trick. Do you agree?

DF: Yes, I think they will sneak a 1-0 win.

Quiz Answer

DB: OK, just before we go, let’s revisit the quiz question. We asked if you could name three teams, other than Crystal Palace, that have an animal as part of their nickname. What’s the answer, Damian?

DF: Well, the listeners could have chosen the Foxes, that’s Leicester City, the  Hornets, Watford, the Tigers, which is Hull City’s nickname, and there’s the Swans, Swansea City, and finally you could have chosen the Black Cats – Sunderland’s nickname.

Good bye

DB: OK, that’s it for this week. Enjoy all the football this weekend. Ta-rah!

DF: Bye bye, see you next week.

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Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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