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Learn English Through Football Podcast: Chelsea v Spurs

This weekend sees our 15th podcast of the season and we look at one of the big London derbies of the season: Chelsea v Spurs. We also take a look at some language from football world, and feature three of the big games from the Premier League in our predictions battle – Chelsea v Spurs, Arsenal v Bournemouth, and Southampton v Everton. (Damian = DF and Damon = DB).

2016-17 Learn English Through Football Podcast: Chelsea v Spurs

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Transcript of the show

DB: You’re listening to’s football language podcast. Welcome everyone to the show for all fans of football who wish to learn more about the language of the beautiful game. My name is Damon, and I am talking to you from Tokyo on a sunny but chilly November afternoon.

This weekend, Damian is off to his home country of Ireland to meet with family, so it’s just me for a short podcast this time.

Line up

I’m going to start with a look at some of the news from the footballing world that caught my eye this week in the good, the bad and the ugly section of the show. After that, I’ll talk a little about our football phrase of the week, ‘off the ball incident’. And I’ll wrap up the pod with a look at three games from this weekend’s Premier League fixtures – Chelsea v Tottenham, Arsenal v Bournemouth, and Southampton v Everton.


OK. The good, the bad and the ugly and for good, I’m going to start with Steven Gerrard, who has retired from football at the age of 36. Now, this isn’t good exactly, but more of a congratulations to the Liverpool midfielder from Huyton, Liverpool, who was one of the best players of the last decade in the English game. Just a few stats: 710 appearances for Liverpool, 212 goals for club and country, 9 trophies, including the famous Champions League win in Istanbul 2005, and captain of both Liverpool and England. Famously, he didn’t win the league championship, but he won a lot of supporters for his passion and dynamic play. Well done Stevie G!


As for bad, well it’s been a bad few weeks for Bayern Munich. The German giants are so used to being on the top of the table, that it must be a shock to be in second six points behind leaders Leipzig. The have drawn with Hoeffenheim and lost to big rivals Dortmund in their last two league games, while also losing 3-2 to Rostov in the Champions League. That result drops them into second place in the group. All doesn’t seem well under the new management this season of Carlo Ancellotti and their game this weekend against Bayer Leverkusen is suddenly much more important than the Bavarian side would like.


Very ugly scenes in Sweden last week as Jordan Larsson, the son of former Barcelona and Celtic player Henrick Larsson, was confronted after the last game of the season by hooded men, who forcibly took his shirt off. Jordan Larsson plays for Helsingborg, which is coached by his father, and the team were relegated after the 2-1 loss in the last game. It’s very disturbing to see how easily the fans could get onto the pitch and then approach the players. Ugly indeed.

Yes, you are listening to And that was in Korean. If you’d like to record your own version of the message, ‘You are listening to’ in another language then you can send it on to us by emailing us at

Quiz question

OK. Now for a quick quiz question before we move on to some football language. As we have heard, Steven Gerrard has retired from football this week, so we want to ask, against which team did Steven Gerrard score an important winner that sent Liverpool through to the group stages of the Champions League in 2005, which they went on to win?

Well, we’ll have the answer at the end of the show. Right, next up it’s English for football time!

Football Language: Off the ball incident

This weekend we have a big London derby, Chelsea versus Tottenham and in this fixture last year there were many off the ball incidents. Now, an incident is an event or action, and is usually used when the action or event is somehow illegal, serious or noteworthy in some way. Off the ball means not connected with the direct action of the game, that is, the action with the ball is in a different part of the pitch or play has stopped and no one is passing, kicking, or controlling the ball. Put these phrases together and you have an off the ball incident, which refers to an often violent or unsportsmanlike action. Examples from last seasons Chelsea v Spurs game were eye-gouging, putting a finger in someone’s eye, treading on a player on the ground, pushing and shoving, and kicking. Off the ball incident.

How about you Damon, what football language do you have?

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Next up is this week’s predictions.


You can join in the predictions competition by coming along to our site at, logging in and then clicking on the predictions competition at the top of the menu bar on our website. We also have monthly competitions, so if you have not yet signed up do so now and get ready for our December competition.

In November, Damian, or Learn English Through football is top with 11 points, followed by Mighty Toft with 7 and Jose Levy and me on 4! Three points for a perfect score and 1 for the right result.

Chelsea vs Tottenham

A massive game this for Tottenham, who failed to qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League this week and have struggled to score goals. they come up against a red hot Chelsea, who are scoring for funa nd not conceding either. I reckon, sorry Damian, a 2-1 Chelsea win.

Arsenal vs Bournemouth

On paper, this should be an easy three points for Arsenal, but I think this is a potential banana skin On their day the south coast side, Bournemouth can play some good football and they could leave the Emirates with a point. However, I’m going to go with form and predict a 2-0 home win for the Gunners.

Southampton vs Everton

Two mid-table sides trying to find a run of form. Everton’s manager, Ronald Koeman, will of course be visiting his old club, which could add a little more spice to this fixture. Southampton have shown they can defend, after they kept a clean sheet against Liverpool last weekend, but can they score? As the home side, they should be more attack minded. can Everton take advantage of that? I don’t think so, I reckon it will be a stalemate, a 0-0 draw

Quiz Answer

OK. Well just before we go, did you get the answer to the quiz question? Against which team did Steven Gerrard score a vital winner to send Liverpool on the path to winning the Champions League in 2005? It was of course Olympiakos.

And what a goal it was! Check it out on youtube if you can. Magic!

Good bye

OK, that’s it for this week. Enjoy all the football this weekend. Ta-rah!

Check out our glossary of footballing phrases here.
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