Languagecaster’s football newsletter: Week 18

The big story this week is all about the World Cup hosting decision. This story features in the main report section of the show. We also try to predict who will come out on top in some of the big games in our weekly predictions. For more football news come to our site, read the posts, listen to our main reports and check out our links section.


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    This week’s featured match sees Manchester United take on Arsenal. Damian and Damon’s predictions are below, what do you think?

  • Damian: 2-0 Damon 1-1
  • Check the rest of this week’s predictions here
  • ________________________________________


    This week’s English for football phrase is a slump, or to slump. As a noun, a slump, this phrase is used to say that a team has not won a game for a long time. The team may have lost or drawn several games in a row. In this situation we say the team is in a slump. We can also say a player is suffering a slump in form – the player is not performing very well. The word slump is also used as a verb. In this case it means to fall down the table after losing a game or several games. We might say the team slumped to 11th place. Now, Chelsea playing in the Premier League are in a slump. They have not won a game in the league for four matches. A slump.

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    This week’s QUIZ QUESTION:

    This week’s quiz question is how many managers has the Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley, hired since he bought the club in 2008?

    a. 4

    b. 5

    c. 6

    d. 7

    The answer to last week’s question which countries have hosted the World Cup more than once was Mexico (1970, 1986); France (1938, 1998); Germany (1974, 2006); Italy (1934, 1990); and Brazil (1950) will become the 5th (2014).


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