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Languagecaster’s Football Newsletter: Week 16

Tottenham, Colorado, Barcelona, Samuel Eto’o and Luis Suarez all feature in the Good the Bad and Ugly review section of the show, while we also try to predict who will come out on top in some of the big games in our weekly predictions . We also have a report on the exciting climax of the Brazilian Championship with an interview with our Brazilian football expert Marcelo. For more football news come to our site, read the posts, listen to our main reports and check out our links section.




This week’s featured match sees Tottenham Hotspur play Liverpool in the Premier League. Below is Damon (a Liverpool fan) and Damian’s (remember, he’s a Tottenham fan!) predictions – what do you think?



This week’s English for football is ‘to lose the plot‘. A plot is the main events of a story, it explains what will happen. It can also refer to a secret plan. To lose the plot means to do something unexpected, unplanned, and a little bit crazy. The actions are strange and indicate that the person is not rational, not thinking clearly. Joey Barton, an English footballer playing for Newcastle is an example of someone who lost the plot. Over the past few years, he has been in trouble with the police for a violent attack, and in trouble on the field several times for dangerous tackles and violent conduct. Recently, however, he has been playing well and sensibly – until early this month in a game against Blackburn he punched an opposing player in the stomach off the ball. He has been banned for three games and he definitely lost the plot in that match.

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This week’s QUIZ QUESTION:

Which Brazilian team won the 2009 Championship?

a. Flamengo
b. Vasco da Gama
c. Fluminense
d. Sao Paolo

Answer next week.

The answer to last week’s question, which was the first British team to win a European trophy was of course Tottenham (1963 against Atletico Madrid in the Cup Winners Cup)

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