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Languagecaster Predictions: 2014 Club World Cup Final

Club World CupLanguagecaster Predictions – The 2014 Club World Cup Final

The final of the 2014 Club World Cup takes place this weekend with hot favourites Real Madrid taking on Libertadores winners San Lorenzo. We also feature matches from Spain, where Bilbao host Atletico Madrid, and Italy, where Roma take on AC Milan. Then we have three games from England, including the Tyne and Weir Derby between Newcastle and their big rivals Sunderland. Our guest predictor this week is Yuli, a fan of Iwata.

  • It’s three points for a perfect prediction and one point if the correct result is forecast.
  • If you would like to be a guest predictor then contact us at
Latest Score: Damon 71 | Damian 68 | Guests 67

If you would like to join our predictions battle as a guest predictor, get in touch by leaving a comment. Check out these useful pages to practice the English needed to talk about guessing the score of football matches.

Make sure you visit our glossary page, too. You can find definitions of phrases and cliches connected with the world of football. If there is a phrase you don’t understand, let us know and we will do our best to explain it by coming along to our new forum pages.

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