Huracán blown away. Again.


The Argentinian Clausura championship finished at the weekend with a remarkable battle between the top two sides. Read how Vélez Sarsfield beat Huracán to win the title in the post below and use the vocabulary list at the bottom of the page to help you with your comprehension.

Excitement galore on the final day of the Clausura championship in Argentina which saw Vélez Sarsfield become champions for the 7th time in their history. They did so by beating the league leaders Huracán 1-0 in extraordinary circumstanceshailstones, red cards, penalty misses, controversial disallowed goals, wonderful saves and a late title winner all played out in front of a red-hot atmosphere.

That late strike by Morales sent the home side’s supporters into raptures but left the Huracán fans’ dreams of only a second Argentinian title lying in tatters. The Quemeros (the Burners) had lead for most of the tournament playing a style of football that brought back memories of their 1973 triumph but yet again they have slipped up at the final hurdle and many wonder if they will ever get another chance as good as this again.

The win means Vélez will represent Argentina in next season’s Copa Libertadores. Meanwhile, this year’s final starts next week with the first leg between Argentina’s Estudiantes and Brazil’s Cruzeiro taking place in La Plata in what should be an enthralling contest. A prediction? I am going for an Estudiantes victory.



galore : Lots of excitement; all kinds of

Clausura: One of the two Argentinian league tournaments played each year

extraordinary: not ordinary, surprising, amazing

hailstones: Frozen balls of ice

controversial disallowed goals,: Goals that have been cancelled by the referee but the decision has not been accepted by many of the fans

red-hot atmosphere: A very noisy and excited crowd watching the game

strike: A goal

into raptures: Became delighted, overjoyed

lying in tatters: To be ruined

Quemeros (the Burners: Nickname of Huracán’s fans

slipped up at the final hurdle : To lose right at the end of the season

first leg: The first of two matches in a knockout competition

enthralling contest: A match that will be very interesting indeed, will keep supporters interested


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