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How to learn English with’s podcasts

Languagecaster produces one podcast every week during the European football season. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here. In this post we focus on how students of English can improve their English listening skills with these podcasts.

Main Elements of the Podcast

  • First – a review (Listen to the podcast and read in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly posts)
  • Second – a main piece of about 5 minutes (You need to download the worksheet with answers and transcript so you can practice while you listen. has over 100 worksheets to go with the audio from the podcasts)
  • Third – English for football – phrases to help you talk about football (The audio and transcript can be found here)
  • Fourth – Predictions (We talk about future games and guess the scores – languagecaster looks at several interesting games each week. You can see the predictions if you check out the D & D’s Predictions posts)

Here is an image to show what is on the podcast.

Download the pdf of the picture with active links

For teachers there is more information and ideas here.


I was born and brought up near Chester in the north west of England. I have always loved playing and talking about sport, especially football!
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