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      Hello, what does “tease” mean in the following sentences?

      36 min: Barnes teases Alexander-Arnold down the left. He works enough space to chip a cross into the centre.

      61 mins: Canos is straight into the action as he teases he ball into our box

      17 mins: Belgium continue to look dangerous when they push into the final third, with De Bruyne finding room to work with and playing teasing balls through to Lukaku.

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      Hi Hyuna,

      If you tease someone, you pretend you will give them something but don’t. They will be frustrated.

      ‘Barnes teases Alexander-Arnold down the left.’ means Barnes took the ball close to Alexander-Arnold, so he thought he can get (have) the ball, but Barnes kept the ball just out of Arnold’s reach – he couldn’t get the ball.

      A teasing ball (teasing – adjective) – is a pass that is an attractive pass but maybe o player can reach it – neither the defence nor the attack – it is out of reach, close to a good chance.

      Your middle example is a little more difficult. It is a different meaning of ‘tease’- which is to untangle (for example comb or brush hair to make it smooth). To tease a ball into the box is to find a way to pass the ball through the defence.


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      Thanks a lot, Grell

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