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      Hello, what is the meaning of the worbs “probe” and “camped” in the following sentences?

      11 mins: City probe across the edge of the Fulham area, but the home defence holds firm.

      74 min: Richarlison probes down the left and wins a corner off James. Digne’s corner lands in a crowded box but somehow avoids everyone. The ball eventually sails away from the danger zone.

      91: Every United player is camped deep in their half. Every City player is probing for an equaliser.

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      Hi Hyuna,

      To probe is to examine or test (eg. a space probe is a scientific machine sent to explore space). So if a team ‘probes’ it means they test the oppositions defence.

      It has a nuance of calmly test – so, ‘City probe across the edge of the Fulham area, but the home defence holds firm.’ means Manchester City were passing the ball in a controlled way in front of Fulham’s penalty area, looking for an opening, testing the defence.

      To be camped in uses the verb to camp, to put up a tent pr to stop and rest somewhere. If a team is camped in another team’s half, it means they have so much possession they are almost ‘living’ in the half – they have put their tent up and are ‘staying’ in the half.

      Hope that helps,


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      Thanks very much, Grell.

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