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      Dear, Damian and Grell. I guess “play in” here means something like “to pass” and “to play” means to kick. Is that right?
      Also, I don’t understand the phrase “prod home” and “point blank”. What do they mean? Home is the goal.

      !! It’s Aguero again! Silva ghosts past Anita too easily to [b]play in[/b] De Bruyne, who [b]plays[/b] a first-time, low cross towards his Argentine
      team-mate who [b]prods home[/b] from [b]point-blank[/b] range at the back post. Astonishing again from the hosts.

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      • To play in is to pass to a team mate – it is a pass that leads to a good chance of scoring.
      • To prod home is to score from near the goal usually with not much power. The forward prodded home the ball from the rebound – the goalkeeper makes a save but the forward scored from the rebound or follow up.
      • Point blank means from a place very near or right in front of the goal
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      Thanks very much again, Damian. I really get it now. That helps me a lot.

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