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      Hello everyone. I don’t understand the following words:
      [color=blue]to cushion.
      To get a head on.
      To go all the way through.
      Clatter into.[/color]
      Could you please explain what they mean?

      Lovely move for Newcastle United. Perez crosses and Mitrovic [b]cushions[/b] the ball for Wijnaldum but he fires well over the ball.

      51 mins Willian’s inswinging free kick [b]goes all the way through[/b] to Hugo who gathers with ease.

      89′ Goal for Arberdeen. Adam Rooney [b]gets a head on[/b] Heyes’ quick free-kick and it loops over Gordon.

      66′ Carrasco is [b]clattered into[/b] by Piccini, and Atletico are awarded a free kick in a dangerous position midway inside the Betis half of the pitch.

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      • To cushion the ball is a way of touching or controlling the ball in a delicate manner. In the example above the player controls/passes the ball for his team mate.
      • To get a head on the ball is to reach a cross with a header. In this example, the player heads a centre which came from a free kick.
      • If a free kick goes all the way through to the keeper (Hugo) it means that no player touched the free kick.
      • If a player clatters into another player then he or she has tackled the opponent in a very strong and uncontrolled way.

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