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Weekly Football Phrase: To fashion a chance

Steer the ball homeWhat is the meaning of the phrase ‘to fashion a chance’ in football?

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(to) Fashion a chance

In football the phrase ‘to fashion a chance‘ means to create or make a chance of scoring a goal. The idea behind this phrase is that the player has made it possible for his/her teammate to score. Sometimes you might hear this phrase used with ‘half chance’, as in the player fashioned a half chance that just went wide.  To fashion a chance

  • Example: The midfielder fashioned a chance for the forward to score.

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  • Hello. I see the word “spurn” used instead of “fashion” here. What does “spurn” mean?

    Both sides continued to spurn chances early in the second half.

    Arsenal clear the free kick, but spurn the chance of a counter attack, choosing to maintain possession through to half time

    • Hi Sandara,
      The verb ‘spurn‘ means to turn down the opportunity so Arsenal had the chance to counter attack but instead decided not to do so. You will also see ‘spurn chances‘ which means to miss chances to score and also a team spurned the chance to go top of the table which would mean that a team had not taken the opportunity to go top – maybe they lost or drew a game; so to miss the chance to do something.
      Hope that helps

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