Football Language: Winning Streak

StreakIn this short post on the language of football, we explain the meaning of the word, ‘streak’, and how it is used with ‘winning’, ‘losing’, and ‘scoring’. If you have questions or comments, email us at:

Football Language: Streak

This word is a noun which has several meanings. If you have a mean streak, it means you have a bad-tempered character. A streak of lightening is a line of lightning. A green streak in your hair, would be a line or part of your hair that is dyed green. In football, streak is used to mean period of time or run of results and collocates with winning, losing and scoring. This gives phrases like winning streak, losing streak, and scoring streak. To complete the phrase, add the number of games in the streak, so a four-game winning streak means four wins in a row. Notice how the the number is hyphenated with game or match to turn the phrase into an adjective: four-game

  • Example: “Almost three years ago, Daniel Sturridge began his eight-game scoring streak in a 5-3 win for Brendan Rodgers’ Premier League title chasing team away at Stoke in January 2014 and went on to net against Aston Villa, Bournemouth in the FA Cup, Everton, West Brom, Arsenal, Fulham and Swansea.” (, Dec. 12th 2017)
  • Example: “Manchester City have broken new ground in English top-flight football with their 18-match Premier League winning streak, but they are still one game short of equalling the 19-game mark set by a club in Southeast Asia known as The Power of a Million Elephants.” (, Dec. 29 2017)

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