Football Language: Top Bin

In this post, we explain the football phrase ‘top bin’.

In this post, we explain the football phrase ‘top bin’.top bin Find out more about this phrase by reading the transcript below. You can also find many more examples of soccer vocabulary by going to our football cliches page here and our huge football glossary here.

Football Language: Top Bin(s)

For this week’s football phrase we’ll explain one of our favourites – top bin/top bins, a phrase that describes a shot, or more correctly where the shot ends up or finishes. If a player strikes the ball with power and it flies into one of the top corners of the goal, you can say he or she put it in the top bin. An excellent example was Dominic Solanke, the Liverpool youngster’s effort against Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend (13 May 2018), when he smashed the ball fiercely into the top right-hand corner – he smashed it into the top bin! This is an extremely casual phrase – a kind of slang, – which you won’t often see written in a football report; definitely one for fans talking about a great goal. Some fans also like to call this part of the goal the ‘postage stamp‘ as it is like the top corner of a letter. 

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Example: ‘Either of the top corners of the goal; (also) a goal scored by kicking the ball into either of the top corners’. This is the official definition from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Example: Here is Raheem Sterling talking about his winning penalty in the 2019 Carabao Cup Final penalty shoot-out – he told his manager Pep Guardiola that he put it in top bins!

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