Football Language: (to) Plant a Header

In this football language post we look at the phrase ‘to Plant a Header’, used to describe a type of header.

Plant a HeaderIn this football language post we look at the phrase ‘to Plant a Header‘, used to describe a type of header. If you have questions or comments about this or any other phrase then email us at:

When we talk about heading the ball, we can use the verb ‘to head‘ and the noun ‘a header‘. So, you can head the ball or score with a header, for example. Like other areas of football, however, we can use different phrases to describe what kind of action we are talking about in more detail. The phrase to plant a header, means the kind of header that is hit powerfully but accurately, usually ending up as a goal. So, you might say, plant a header in the corner, or plant a header past the keeper. To plant often collocates with ‘punch’ in boxing, which gives you an image of what to plant a header means – imagine punching the ball powerfully into the net.

Here is an example from a Guardian report on a Europa League game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Braga: “Doherty ran unchecked into the area to plant a fine header past the exposed Eduardo from Jiménez’s cute cross after 34 minutes.”

And here’s another from, who had made the first, then scored the second when he planted a firm header into the corner after a teasing Joe Rankin-Costello cross.

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