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Football Language: (to) Palm

This audio post on football language post explains the verb ‘to palm‘. This is used to describe an action by the goal keeper. If you have questions or comments, email us at:

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Football Language: (to) Palm

Your palm is the inner part of the hand, and to palm means to use this part of the hand to save the ball. The verb often collocates, goes with, nouns like ‘ball’, ‘shot’, or ‘cross’. It may also be use with prepositions, such as ‘around’ or ‘over’. You may hear phrases like, palm around the post, or palm the shot over the bar.

Example: Pickford decided he needed to tip the ball over the crossbar and in attempting to do so only managed to palm it in to the gleefully waiting Divock Origi to pounce. (

Example: (The shot was) sailing perfectly into the top corner of the net – that is, until Ekramy’s majestic dive to palm it onto the post. (

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