Football Language: (to) Convert

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Football Language: (to) Convert

This verb is often used with the noun penalty – to convert a penalty. To convert means, in this context, to score, to successfully take your chance and turn it into a goal. It is also used to talk about scoring in general but this is not as common as its use with penalties. You may also hear the noun phrase ‘conversion rate’, which means the percentage of goals scored per penalty or shot taken.

Example: It looked like Hernandez had headed in from a yard to punish goalkeeper Sergio Rico’s mistake, but a replay from behind the goal clearly showed the Mexican striker converting via his arm.(22 Feb BBC).

Example: Both sides converted all five of their penalties in the shootout before England midfielder Loftus-Cheek was thwarted. (1 Aug 2019 Belfast Times)

Example: Resurgent Rooney has Europe’s best shot-conversion record (2017

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