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Football Language: (to) Clatter Into

This verb phrase describes a kind of tackle, where one player collides with another forcefully. If you clatter into someone on the football pitch, you tackle them directly while also physically pushing them over because of the strength of the tackle. You will probably receive a booking for clattering into another player, as this kind of tackle is reckless.

Here is an example from the Daily Mirror from August 13, 2019: “McGregor had an escape as Omrani lobbed the ball to the back post. The stand-in defender lost Deac and clattered into the Cluj player after he had screwed a shot wide but the visitors’ penalty appeals fell on deaf ears.”

In this example, McGregor clattered into the Cluj player. The report says McGregor had an ‘escape’, meaning he didn’t give away a penalty even though he had clattered into, tackled recklessly, the opponent.

Here is another example, this time from The Independent (March 9, 2017): “When Anouar Kali clattered into Lasse Schone during Willem’s Dutch cup game with Ajax last September, he did not know he was about to the answer to obscure pub quiz questions of the future. Referee Danny Makkelie booked Kali but that decision was then sent to Pol van Boekel, the video assistant referee (VAR) watching six televisions in a van outside the ground. He told the Mr Makkelie that it was a red-card tackle, not a yellow, and the sanction was upgraded.”

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