Football Language: Textbook

In this post football language we explain the football expression to ‘textbook‘, which is an adjective used to describe a variety of situations. If you have questions or comments, email us at:

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Football Language: Textbook

The adjective ‘textbook‘ is used when you want to describe something done well, and done in the correct way. Usually, textbook is a noun, and it is a manual that you learn from – a ‘how to’ book. Coaches will learn their jobs by suing textbooks on football tactics and son on. When used as an adjective it means something is done in an orthodox way, as described in a textbook. So, a textbook tackle is a tackle that you learn to do when you are training; it is a perfect example of how to make a tackle. A textbook penalty would be a penalty that coaches teach you to take – probably low and hard ion the corner.

Example: This was a textbook away win for Newcastle and it means that they will finish above the Premier League’s relegation places.  (Guardian, April 13th 2019).

Example: Former Juve forward Miccoli doubled their advantage with a textbook free kick. (, Sep. 9 2007)

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