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Football Language: Speculative long range shot

In this short football language post, we explain the meaning of the phrase, ‘Speculative long range shot’. This is a phrase used to talk about a kind of shot. If you have questions or comments, email us at: long range shot

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Football Language: Speculative long range shot

This football phrase starts with the word speculative. this word has its roots in Latin, and originally meant to observe, to see. So, we have other words like spectator – the fans watching the game; spectacles – glasses helping the spectators watch the action. The modern meaning of speculative with an action, as in speculative shot, is to do something that only has a small chance of success. The shot is a gamble and probably won’t succeed. Because there is little chance of success, this phrase is often used with shots outside the box, and often collocates with long range, to give a speculative long range shot or effort.

Example: City struggled to get behind the Leicester defence. Attempts were largely speculative from the edge of the box and blocked without too much alarm.  ( 7 May 2019).

Example: Thatcham rallied before the break, and went close with a speculative long-range effort, which grazed a post with keeper Sam Warrell struggling to reach it. (Oxford Mail, 2011)

Example: Karius, 24, was also at fault for Real’s third goal when Gareth Bale tried a speculative long-range effort which flew in through the flapping arms of the Liverpool keeper. (The Star Online)

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