Football Language: (To) Slot In/Into

In this post, we explain the football phrase ‘to slot in / to slot into’.to slot into

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Football Language: To Slot Into

The verb, ‘slot,’ used with the preposition ‘in’ or ‘into’ gives to slot in, to slot into. To slot in means to fit in, to join a team and match their style. Sometimes a player is bought and has difficulty slotting into a team, the manager can’t find their best position, or they don’t play well with their teammates. If they slot in, it means, like a piece of machinery, they fit smoothly into the team.

Example: : “Xhaka has impressed in spells but largely disappointed, Pogba has become United’s key player and Wijnaldum has slotted into Liverpool’s system nicely.” (, May 2017

There is a similar phrase, to slot home, but that refers to an accurate shot resulting in a goal. 

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