Football Language: Six pointer

Six pointerThis football cliche is often used towards the end of the season. At this time, teams are trying to win the title or secure positions for important cup competitions the next year, such as Champions League places in Europe. There are other teams who are near the bottom of the table and want to avoid relegation. If two teams at the top of the league, or two from the bottom, play each other, the match is very important, and is referred to as a six pointer. The winning team gets three points and the losing team ‘loses’ three points – 3 +3 = 6.The winning team denies the other team the chance to get 3 points. If feels like there is now a six point gap between the teams, even if it is in reality imaginary.
    • Example: Middlesbrough midfielder Adlene Guedioura says Saturday’s trip to Selhurst Park, to face his old club Crystal Palace, is a “six-pointer” in their battle against relegation. (BBC)
    • West Ham manager Sam Allardyce reckons Saturday’s Premier League trip to Norwich is a “six-pointer” despite the season only being 10 games old. (BBC)

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