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Football Language: Rooted to the foot of the table

Football Language: Rooted to the foot of the table

Rooted to the foot of the tableWhen a team has been bottom of the league for a long time and does not appear to have any chance of improvement – of escaping relegation – we say that they are rooted to the foot of the table. Here, the word ‘rooted‘ suggests that the team’s position is fixed and will not move easily (think of the roots of a tree), while the noun ‘foot‘ means the bottom of the league. To ‘be rooted to the foot of the table’ or sometimes ‘to be rooted to the bottom of the table‘ means that the team is last in the league and probably has been there for a long time.
  • Example: Sunderland are currently rooted to the foot of the Premier League table and are 6 points away from safety.

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