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Worksheets 2006-7

Here you can download free podcast worksheets from the 2006-7 season with answers and transcripts from each week’s podcast show. The worksheets are in PDF form which means that you will need Adobe to read and print them, which you can download for free here.

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Weekly Vocabulary | English for Football | Football Cliches | Football Glossary

Week 29: Wembley

Week 28: Football Voices

Week 27:

Week 26: Maradona

Week 25: The Players’ Player Award – Ronaldo

Week 24: Promotion Battles

Week 23: The UEFA Cup

Week 22: Relegation

Week 21: Brazil

Week 20: The J-League

Week 19: China

Week 18: Football Rivalries

Week 17: Champions League

Week 16: The Mexican League

Week 15: The ASEAN Cup

Week 14: Major League Soccer

Week 13: Bundesliga

Week 12: David Beckham

Week 11: The Transfer Window

Week 10: The FA Cup

Week 9: Review of the Year

Week 8: The Good and the Bad

Week 7: Argentina

Week 6: Manchester United

Week 5: The Managers

audio-x-generic.png Managers – audio, worksheets and transcripts.

Week 4: Sexism in Football

Week 3:  Manchester United

Week 2: England / Manchester City

Week 1: Manchester United

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