To celebrate St Patrick’s Day our listening practice report this week looked at some of the greatest Irish footballers, while we also have a quiz on Irish football. You can also find more information about the answers by looking at the links below.
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Football Language Quizzes: Irish Football Stars

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Irish Football Quiz


When was the Irish Football Association founded?


What is the name of the organisation that oversees the Republic of Ireland's football side?


How many times have Northern Ireland played in the World Cup (until 2020)?


The Republic of Ireland have played in three World Cups (until 2020) - what years did they do this?


George Best played how many times for Northern Ireland?


Northern Ireland goalkeeper Pat Jennings played for three London clubs. Watford and which other two sides?


Which side plays at Windsor Park?


Ireland's Robbie Keane holds the records of most appearances and most goals for the Republic of Ireland (until 2020). He represented his country on 146 occasions - how many goals did he score?


Which of the two sides has played in the most European Champinship finals (until February 2020)?


Which of the two sides has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup (until February 2020)?



Football Language Glossary


  • To be founded: To start an organisation – the club was founded in 2010 means that it started in 2010.
  • Appearances: The amount or number of times a player plays for a team (international games we sometimes use the word ‘caps‘)
  • To represent your country: To play for your country
  • Quarter-finals: The last 8 in a cup competition.

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